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Hibachi Sushi & Supreme Buffet
    Lunch Buffet (Monday-Friday 11:00 AM--3:30 PM)
                  Kids Ages 3----6yrs--------$5.99
                  Kids Ages 7--10yrs--------$6.99

    Lunch buffet (Saturday 11:00 AM ---3:30 PM)----$8.78
        Dinner Buffet (Monday--Friday  4:00 PM-Close)
                  Kids Ages 3---6Yrs -------$6.99
                      Kids Ages 7--10Yrs--------$8.99
             Saturday(dinner) Sunday (All Day Dinner)
                      (11:00 AM----Close)------$13.36
        Soft Drinks------------------$1.99   (Free Refill)
        Hot tea-----------------------$0.50  (Per Person)
        Crab Legs (To Go)--------$8.99       Per LB
                                     Crab Legs 
         *(Pricing Exclude Major Holiday's Mother Day,
                    Father's Day And Valentine's Day)
               Free Ice Cream With Eat In Buffet                         Gift Certificate Available  
                            Business Hours
    Sunday        Open       11:00AM.......10:00PM
   Monday       Open       11:00AM.......10:00PM
   Tuesday       Closed 
   Wednesday  Open       11:00AM.......10:00PM
   Thursday     Open       11:00AM.......10:00PM
   Friday         Open       11:00AM.......10:30PM
   Saturday     Open       11:00AM.......10:30PM

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